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  • What is Pure Underscore?

    Welcome to the Pure Underscore blog. So is this just another royalty free music website? Actually, no. I created this website after spending many years as a film maker struggling to find quality underscore. And that's what this site solely provides. Nice. But what is underscore music? Well, it's everywhere! You don't think about it... yet but if it was gone you'd notice a huge difference. Here's a definition: Underscore is generally defined as a piece of background music. It is mood enhancing accompaniment to a scene or situation, designed not to detract concentration too far from the focus on screen or stage such as dialogue. "Wow, I can hear underscore music and this TV isn't even plugged in." So if it's everywhere, you'd think it would be easy to find for other creators, right? Well in my 12 years of making films (and of course the internet has changed dramatically in that time) I found that it wasn't the case. Even with the likes of huge music sites like Epidemic Sound (which is great) it was still difficult to find many tracks that were simple, non-invasive and emotive enough for what I needed, and that had an unlimited license all the way up to full broadcast. So I started this website! I'm a composer and producer as well as film maker so have made soundtracks for a lot of videos over the years. I'm passionate about both forms of creativity and this website is here to help creators of every ability with every budget. So check out the music collection here. I really hope it provides the sonic glory that your visual needs. Drop me a message to let me know how you've used it, I'd love to know! And you can subscribe to get the latest tracks and free stuff. Thanks for reading and remember, stay pure a'll. George

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  • Find your soundtrack | Pure Underscore

    The only website providing purely royalty-free underscore music. For the moments. by Sign of Angelo Choose the mood. Find your track. Get one license that covers everything. Get started. Need a taste? Check out these tracks... Dawn Rising 00:00 / 02:25 Something is coming 00:00 / 02:33 Figure It Out 00:00 / 03:20 Realisation 00:00 / 03:34 Tines Groove 00:00 / 03:35 Point of View 00:00 / 01:47 "Underscore is generally defined as a piece of background music. It is mood enhancing accompaniment to a scene or situation, designed not to detract concentration too far from the focus on screen or stage such as dialogue." ULTIMATE SOUNDTRACK PACK FOR EDITORS OVER 300 FILES coming soon... MUSIC BY MOOD Choose from hopeful, mysterious, happy, sad or the beats section, depending on what you need. MUSIC BY KEY Then you can find other music in the same or relative keys as labelled so you can choose tracks that will flow together. FILED FOR EASE Get a license file, WAV and MP3 file both named with key so you can easily search through and match tracks in the same keys that will work together. Beats tracks come with stem files too! NEED SOMETHING BESPOKE? CONTACT ME HERE

  • Free Stuff | No Copyright Downloads | Pure Underscore

    FREE STUFF Next Key: E/C#m One whole hour of pure, calm, relaxing piano. Simple. Use in your video or project for free. Get it 1 Hour Tracks Get it Key: Bb Ambient recording of the atmosphere on a beautiful planet in a far off galaxy. Kind of. Relaxing soundscape of strings and swirls . Use in your video or project for free. Get it Key: A Lo fi hip hop for that video that needs a bit of subtle background groove. Tight vintage sounding bass with lush piano arps and guitar lick samples that sit nicely on top of some head nodding drums. Get it Key: Dm Pure creepy tension. Sinister brass flowing with suspicion. Dropping out for a moment of more fragile tension then rising into relief. Sounds like an alien invasion happening outside the house whilst you hide inside, running around locking all the doors. Key: Em + A Sad, dark eerie yet beautiful bowed guitar strings swimming in glorious reverb, vocal wails, with a hint of hope. Sounds like someone finding out they are the last person on Earth. Get it Key: C / Am Vintage guitar and piano led lo-fi hip hop with a sweet summer vibe. Cool vocal samples float around in reverb with a dreamy flute outro. Dusty vinyl cracking. Nice. Get it Key: E / C#m 1 hour of lush, simple background piano music to meditate to, concentrate, study or zone out and sleep. Get it

  • Happy Background Music | Pure Underscore

    HAPPY WAV and MP3. Full license. Now that is a happy time. Next Joyful. Sentimental. Triumphant. Get it Key: Bb/Gm Gorgeous piano with uplifting strings backdrop, dropping to sparse end. Upward 00:00 / 02:28 Get it Coming Home 00:00 / 02:39 Modern Hero 00:00 / 02:32 Get it Key: F/Dm Light and open piano chords of hope, with simple orchestral shimmering. Key: C/Am Beautiful strings, soaring pads and brass for a triumphant moment. Key: C Swaying orchestral strings, reverb soaked flutes and violins, hints of sliding hints guitar. Get it Dawn Rising 00:00 / 02:25 Autumn Walk 00:00 / 02:38 Get it Key: F/Dm Sentimetal piano chords resting on top of cascading shimmers of icy swells Meeting You 00:00 / 03:06 Get it Key: F/Dm Nostalgic and sentimental, light jazz piano reminding you of good memories. Key: A/F#m Mellow piano, sparkling elements on subtle beat. Thoughtful and building with positivity. Get it Finding Comfort 00:00 / 03:09 Hills Of Heaven Soundscape 00:00 / 16:24 Get it Key: C/Am Awesome analogue modular synth soundscape of retro sounding electronic ambience. Key: A/F#m Electric piano and toybox blips in simple jazzy style. Thoughtful, happy and pleasantly weird. Get it Quirky Documentary 00:00 / 01:57 and more tracks arriving all the time...

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