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What is Pure Underscore?

Updated: Apr 8

Welcome to the Pure Underscore blog. So is this just another royalty free music website?

Actually, no. I created this website after spending many years as a film maker struggling to find quality underscore. And that's what this site solely provides. Nice.

But what is underscore music? Well, it's everywhere! You don't think about it... yet but if it was gone you'd notice a huge difference.

Here's a definition:

Underscore is generally defined as a piece of background music. It is mood enhancing accompaniment to a scene or situation, designed not to detract concentration too far from the focus on screen or stage such as dialogue.
"Wow, I can hear underscore music and this TV isn't even plugged in."

So if it's everywhere, you'd think it would be easy to find for other creators, right? Well in my 12 years of making films (and of course the internet has changed dramatically in that time) I found that it wasn't the case. Even with the likes of huge music sites like Epidemic Sound (which is great) it was still difficult to find many tracks that were simple, non-invasive and emotive enough for what I needed, and that had an unlimited license all the way up to full broadcast.

So I started this website! I'm a composer and producer as well as film maker so have made soundtracks for a lot of videos over the years. I'm passionate about both forms of creativity and this website is here to help creators of every ability with every budget.

So check out the music collection here. I really hope it provides the sonic glory that your visual needs. Drop me a message to let me know how you've used it, I'd love to know! And you can subscribe to get the latest tracks and free stuff. Thanks for reading and remember, stay pure a'll.


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