Image by Jeremy Bishop


Key: E/C#m   One whole hour of pure, calm, relaxing piano. Simple. Use in your video or project for free.

Key: Bb   Ambient recording of the atmosphere on a beautiful planet in a far off galaxy. Kind of. Relaxing soundscape of strings and swirlsUse in your video or project for free.

Key: A   Lo fi hip hop for that video that needs a bit of subtle background groove. Tight vintage sounding bass with lush piano arps and guitar lick samples that sit nicely on top of some head nodding drums.

Key: Dm  Pure creepy tension. Sinister brass flowing with suspicion. Dropping out for a moment of more fragile tension then rising into relief. Sounds like an alien invasion happening outside the house whilst you hide inside, running around locking all the doors.

Key: Em + A  Sad, dark eerie yet beautiful bowed guitar strings swimming in glorious reverb, vocal wails, with a hint of hope. Sounds like someone finding out they are the last person on Earth.

Key: C / Am  Vintage guitar and piano led lo-fi hip hop with a sweet summer vibe. Cool vocal samples float around in reverb with a dreamy flute outro. Dusty vinyl cracking. Nice.

Key: E / C#m  1 hour of lush, simple background piano music to meditate to, concentrate, study or zone out and sleep.