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Hi, I'm George aka Sign of Angelo

I'm a film maker and music producer.


I've had the privilege of being a film maker for over 12 years. Yet the thing that I always struggled to find easily was simple but professional and effective underscore music. Music to enhance the mood and to set and build atmosphere, without distracting from the moments I was creating on screen. 


The moments that just needed a touch of subtle sonic magic included interviews, dialogue and conversation in film and documentary. Maybe you've had the same issue.

As a musician it often proved quicker and easier to create the music I needed for my videos rather than hunting across the internet for something that fitted the mood and moment. So I went about creating a collection of music for other creators that may have had the same problem:

This is the first site to serve up pure, royalty-free underscore at an amazing price that includes a full license covering everything.


That means everyone has the chance to access quality soundtrack. No copyright issues, it won't break the bank, but it doesn't sound cheap.

Extra good to know point  Tracks are shown and files named with the keys and the relative major or minor key too, so you can easily find tracks that will sonically flow together, even if you're not a music boffin.

And we've got new artists joining too!


Thanks for checking out the site, I hope you find the sound you need!

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Choose from hopeful, mysterious, happy, sad or the beats section, depending on what you need.

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Then you can find other music in the same or relative keys as labelled so you can choose tracks that will flow together.

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Get a license file, WAV and MP3 file both named with key so you can easily search through and match tracks in the same keys that will work together. Beats tracks come with stem files too!